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Ask anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis if they would like to make their boot speedup and you would likely hear a resounding yes. Although the average boot time for a computer is not absurdly long, it is one of those things people hate to wait for. Rebooting does not even happen all that often, the operating system typically stable enough to remain up for days or weeks on end. That one time that a reboot does happen, though, makes most users wish for a boot speedup.

In order to enact a boot speedup, the process of investigating the boot process has to begin. The components that load during boot have to be known, as well as the time it takes each piece to load and the level of critical nature of the component. This needs to be known so you can determine what is taking an excessive amount of time to load. It may be that there are many quicker loading items that in combination are causing the boot process to be slow, or, it may be a couple very slow to load pieces that are reducing overall boot performance.

The more critical the need for each of these software items the less plausible it would be to eliminate them in the name of boot speedup. The ones that are frivolously place can certainly be considered removable to facilitate boot speedup just as long as you are completely certain that there is no dependency on them for the system to boot and operate normally. In consideration of the possible damage the boot speedup process can be if done incorrectly, professional help might be justified when it comes to modifying the boot and system files of your computer, be it to enact a boot speedup or any other system changing operation.


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Boot Speedup

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This article was published on 2010/10/06