Chukka Boots Were Military Boots

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As the name conveys, military boots are boots worn by soldiers. Military boots can be combat boots worn by soldiers during actual warfare in deserts, swamps, mountains, or mine ridden areas, and such boots will have an array of modifications to make it suitable for the terrain in which they are operating and to minimize the risk factors to which soldiers could be exposed to.

The term military boots can also refer to the more stylish, polished boots that soldiers wear during ceremonial parades etc. And many military boots, which have originally been designed for use in war, have later become popular civilian boots. One among such boots is chukka boots.

Chukka boots were originally a type of desert military boots that were used by British soldiers during the Second World War. These were ankle length boots since it was decided that high boots would only make it warmer for the wearer in the already hot desert. It was laced boots but the laces were short, having to pass through a total of only six eyelets, three on each side. It had a crepe sole, crepe being a crude or synthetic form of rubber that is molded into a crinkled texture for making shoe soles.

When it was originally made as military boots, chukka boots were referred to as desert boots. While they did a good job as military boots, its design was good that it continued to be popular among civilians after the war. After it became popular civilian wear, it came to be referred to as chukka boots. The name has connections with the horseback game of polo where a chukka is the 6 minutes or 7 minutes period that sets the rules of the game.

As fashion wear today, chukka boots are made of a variety of materials. As original military boots they were made of leather. Even now leather is used for the upper of the boots and it could be full grain leather, or calfskin, or suede, or may be a combination of leather and nylon. Rare though, there are even special chukka boots made of ostrich hide. Some models are waterproof and one of the ways in which it is made waterproof is by using mink oil on the leather. Lace eyelets in some models have grommets, while others are without grommet.

Though as military boots these were designed for use in desert, today's chukka boots are as much in use in snow as in dry land. The crepe sole, waterproof treatment, and the rubber lugs on the outsole of many models, padded collar, and rustproof hardware, all make chukka boots suitable for wear in snow and slush as well. Some are also insulated with thinsulate or Gore-tex lining to make them fully comfortable during winter.

Among the other changes that have come over these original military boots is the increase in the number of lace eyelets. While originally there were three pairs, in modern chukka boots it can be anything from 3 to 7 pairs. There are also steel toe chukka boots, which are quite popular among law enforcement agents.

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Chukka Boots Were Military Boots

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This article was published on 2010/03/26