Converse Boots – Tactical, Desert and Combat Models

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Converse boots are reliable and resilient, two aspects which are important for boots worn for intense activity in tough conditions, both in terms of terrain as well as weather. The combat, jungle and desert boots from Converse are all found up to the mark when it comes to blending comfort with protection seamlessly. The comfort offered to the feet by good boots along with the protection, should be at several levels. The boots should protect the entire length of the feet from excessive impact on harder terrains. The boots should have acceptable breathability and ventilation to let sweat from the inside escape easily. The boots should provide good grip especially on wet or loose surfaces. Lastly, the boots should protect the feet from sudden shocks, with the help of inserts, shanks, stabilizers and padded collars.

Converse boots offer all the above and much more. Usually available in 6 inch and 8 inch models, these boots are usually non metallic, with side zippers for easily wearing them or taking them off. The boots come with full grain leather or 1000 denier nylon uppers. Cordura panels are also used in some cases. These uppers have endurance and abrasion resistance, which makes them last for a long time even on uneven and abrasive terrains. The tactical boots are quiet on all kinds of surfaces, while the Sure-Grip and Trail outsoles make sure that one feels sure footed on difficult terrains. This is especially important for combats and tactical missions, where it should be easy to make sharp turns and quick movements. The outsoles help in braking with ease as well to prevent slipping or skidding on.

The insides of the Converse boots have several distinct features. There are soft molded athletic inserts of polyurethane, removable comfort insoles and dual density ball and heel cushions. The idea is to support the feet and heels specifically, cushioning them from hard impact or sudden shocks which could cause damage. There is arch support too in order to prevent long term foot problems. A breathable membrane is provided in these boots to enhance ventilation, letting the air flow freely as well as allowing the sweat to escape. This reduces itchiness while keeping the feet cool and dry even when it is very hot outside.

The stealth Converse boots with their leather uppers can look very good especially with their ability to be polished to a high shine. The boots also come with shock eliminators and traction outsoles which combine to protect the feet on hard, loose and wet terrains. The outsoles mostly of rubber are abrasion resistant. This helps to prevent chipping. The boots are designed as per ANSI and ASTM standards which is a sign of reliability. Athletic boots from Converse are lightweight and stylish, providing a secure fit. EVA midsoles and cushion inserts keep the feet fresh and free of strain that sets in after prolonged activity on very tough surfaces. All in all these boots live up to the huge expectations that the brand commands.

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Converse Boots – Tactical, Desert and Combat Models

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Converse Boots – Tactical, Desert and Combat Models

This article was published on 2011/12/30