Differences Between Adidas F30 and F10 Soccer Shoes

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The upper is only similar to the F50 in terms of the colors used on the soccer shoes. It is amazingly thick for a synthetic and it seems to even have a few layers of unnecessary material. For a boot that goes from a very light 5.8 oz of the adiZero to 9.8oz of the F30. Although this cleat certainly provides a little more protection than its nicer brother, the lace of quality in a boot that still costs over $100 is a bit worrying to buyers.

The soleplate of the F30 is extremely similar to the bottom of what you would have seen on previous forms of the adiZero soccer shoes. The newest colorway release does offer miCoach compatibility on the soleplate and the small cut out of the front two studs, but the older colorway releases are the ‘old’ soleplate. You will also notice small grooves running down the bottom, but that is purely cosmetic and is actually found on the F30 and F10.

The F10 seems to be the boot tier of choice for sports megastores. The upper involved with the F10 is the first tier where the lower quality starts to visually show. The upper seems to be three small pieces of synthetic stitched together, with a shiny sheen and feel that truly seems a lot like a cheap/thin plastic. Although it is amazing durable for what it is, it has the feel of what you would expect from a boot that can easily be found for under $50. No owner should be surprised, but it allows a decent touch and would be a great soccer shoes choice for young players that will outgrow their boots quickly or for beginners being introduced to the beautiful game.

The comfort is decent, and it definitely outshines the more expensive F30. The soleplate on the F10 is almost identical the F30, but the new Euro colorway is not miCoach compatible and it does not have the small divot that allows adidas to call something “2.0.” You would notice that there is a slight difference in how the upper is cut to connect with this boot in comparison the F30, but it doesn’t seem to cause anything to feel different.

The negatives involved with the F30 and F10 soccer shoes are numerous. The price-tag should imply that this is a very high quality boot, but the F30 is the biggest disappointment. The negatives involved with F10 are nothing that you shouldn’t expect with a third tier of a boot silo. The cosmetic stitching is somewhat off-putting and you would never doubt that you are wearing a lower tier release.

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Adidas F30 and F10 soccer shoes are cheaper than adiZero F50 which is one of the most popular cleats. The article is to make comparison between F30 and F10 soccer shoes.

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Differences Between Adidas F30 and F10 Soccer Shoes

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Differences Between Adidas F30 and F10 Soccer Shoes

This article was published on 2012/05/30