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Dubarry Boots an excellent product of Dubarry of Ireland or just Dubarry is an Irish footwear company since 1936 based in Ballinasloe County Galway, later grew into one of the most well known producers of moccasin-constructed shoes in Europe.
Dubarry Boots are specially designed boots for extreme conditions of weather and hardship "A zip boot with deeper tread and heel, fully Gore-Tex lined, waterproof, breathable and constructed with Dubarry's dry soft leather". The Gore-Tex lining keeps water from entering the boot while wicking perspiration away from the foot. The Gore-Tex and leather combination allows your foot to stay comfortable through a wide temperature range making this an ideal hunting and working boot, not only keeping you warm and dry, but also keeping you comfortable when you start to heat up through activity.
Types of Dubarry Boots

Dubarry Boots comes in verity of type to match your need, express your style and suits your personality. The collection of Dubarry Boots is design to meet the demand for a rugged product for outdoor pursuits and activities. This collection features a unique range of country and lifestyle boots suitable for a variety of different uses from equestrian, hunting, shooting, fishing and gardening to stylish and functional skiwear. You can get Dubarry boots in low ankle and full (high) Ankle boots, with each type has its own description and named Dubarry Wexford Boot, Dubarry Clare Boot, Dubarry Galway Boot, Dubarry Kildare Boot, Dubarry Wick low Ankle Boot and Dubarry Kilkenny Ankle Boot. They are Available in Black, Brown and Walnut colors.
How to clean Dubarry Boots

These boots are used for rough and tough condition so every time these boots deal with heavy mud and dirt, so the question arises how to clean or polish the boot? It's very simple, removed that mud or dirt initially under the tap with water and a brush. Make sure that manure and other farmyard substances washed well. The same applies for seawater and/or salt. Allow the boots to dry naturally do not use artificial heat. Now apply Dubarry Leather Cream or colorless leather conditioner but make sure the leather is cleaned and dried properly. Special attention should be paid to the flex point on the toe.
Dubarry Boots help you maintain your health and safety

The people are become more and more conscious about their health and safety, and selecting the products that suit and fulfill health and safety requirements. These boots have special feature that working in rough areas or working on technical or mechanical places or on electrical equipments, these boots provide safety and protects against all physical damages to feet. One out of every three person is suffering from diabetes, the major body part the diabetes effect is on feet, and ankle if got hurt or burn, even in worst conditions the legs can be cut off, so Dubarry boots protects your feet fro

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Dubarry Boots

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This article was published on 2010/11/10