Rocket Dog Boots - How These Compare To Other Sporting Boots On The Market

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When it comes to outdoor sports and activities it is important to always have the right type of shoes to ensure you are protected from the dangers and the elements. Rocket Dog boots have been able to combine style and protection. Here is a look at how they compare to Sidi shoes and Alpinestars boots.

Rocket Dog boots

Rocket Dog may have started out making comfortable sandals for surfers and skaters but over the years it has expanded its range dramatically to include boots as well. The boots themselves come in a variety from fluffy winter warmers to stylish back leather. Some boots are suited to horse riding, others to snow sports, and some to trail blazing. These boots are durable and water resistant so they are perfect for the outdoors. Whatever you're doing you will surely look good doing it.

Sidi shoes

Sidi shoes are well known in the sports of cycling and motorcycling but are fast becoming popular outside of these circles. The cycling shoes have undergone tremendous advancements in order to make them more lightweight so that they don't weigh cyclists down. The inside has been made more comfortable, while the exterior has been hardened in order to protect from the elements as well as debris and stones. The same is true for the motorcycle boots, which have been improved to offer better protection. These are available in a variety of different styles and colors.

Alpinestars boots

Alpinestars boots are very popular on the race track and some big names have been wearing these shoes. They are designed to be stylish and functional. They are reinforced so that it minimized the impact any accidents may have in your feet and legs and the rubber soles offer shock resistance. Alpinestars is one of the only brands that have considered the needs of women as well. Their ladies' boots have been redesigned with a shorter length and wider circumference in order to better suit women. They are available in some girly colors like white and pink in order to get you looking stylish in the process.

You can see that all three of these brands have their own advantages with certain outdoor sports. The Rocket Dog boots are great for trails and wet and windy conditions, while the Sidi shoes are excellent for cycling. Then there are the ever popular Alpinestars boots, which offer motorcyclists stylish and protective footwear.
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Rocket Dog Boots - How These Compare To Other Sporting Boots On The Market

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This article was published on 2011/01/15