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Women's Superdry Boots are probably known best for their looks and comfort during the colder months of the year. However, there are actually some different looks in this collection that would qualify just as much for warmer months.

All in all, here are the styles of boots for women from Superdry for this year - this is what you can expect to find if and when you are shopping for them:

Frinzy Boots - These boots fit into the category that I mentioned above - just as much for warmer months as the cooler times of the year. The Frinzy boots are a moccasin style with a bold Superdry print along the side, adding a true touch of "rock world" to their look.

Shins - Again, here is a boot that could possibly be worn during the warmer times of the year. It could be considered "half boot, half knee high sneaker" - it has a fun lace-up style with some extremely bold and vibrant looks. Each different basic color of the Shins has its own unique Hardy design.

Boot Straps - I had actually thought that the Boot Strap boots were going to be discontinued, but I see that they are being carried now by a number of merchants in several different colors. These would definitely be considered a fall or winter boot, having warm and insulated uppers and a faux wool lining. The Boot Straps also have a bold tattoo inspired design on them, to add a touch of rock and roll to a gorgeous winter look.

Snowblazer and Snowblazer Stones Boots - These also are boots that are geared more toward the winter months. They have quite a tall boot shaft (15 inches) and can be folded down for a shorter unique look.

Shinjuku Boot - These are adorable. They are a shorter boot with thick detail stitching around the foot part of the boot, a faux fur lining and can be folded up or down for different looks. They also (as would be expected) have an Superdry design on the outside of the boot, but overall have more subtle, "softer" look than many of the other styles.

About shopping - Browsing for Women's Superdry Boots can be a lot of fun - but when it comes to actually shopping with the intention to buy, it can be somewhat frustrating. This is due to the fact that although quite a number of merchants online carry these boots, very few (if any) of them provide a full look at everything that is available. There are, however, online resources that are geared to help shoppers look at the entire selection and provide a good up-front look at exactly which merchants carry each style.


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Superdry Boots

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This article was published on 2010/12/24