The Latest Fashions In Women's Boots

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Amongst all footwear, it is fair to say that the boot is king. Boots are perfect fashion shoes because they are so versatile; literally, boots suit all styles of clothing. Whether you prefer to wear jumpers and jeans, or are happier wearing a dress, you can find a pair of boots that look great.
However, there are some rules when it comes to wearing boots for fashion purposes, you need to know the styles of boot that suit your sense of fashion, which colours suit your clothes and your skin tone, and which height and width you should be opting for. For example, were you aware that wearing a wide pair of boots could give the appearance that you are shorter than you actually are? Short women, who wish to appear taller, should avoid wide shoes at all costs, and opt for a narrow pair instead, such as riding boots.

Here we will cover some of the more popular styles of boot available on the market today:

Over-the-Knee Boots
This style of boot is particularly popular this season. In the past, this style of boot was considered rather uncouth, but that is not the case now. The trick to wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots with style is to ensure that you do not reveal any flesh; this means that they look best with skinny jeans or leggings, but they also look incredible when worn with a mini-skirt and a thick pair of patterned tights. These boots are available in a wide choice of material, including leather and suede, purchase boots with a fur trim if you want to look incredibly fashionable this season. If you choose to wear a pair of over-the-knee boots, you will certainly turn heads wherever you pass.

Riding Boots
Another very popular trend around now is riding boots, they are the height of fashion, but many women avoid them because they are unsure as to the style of clothing that suits them best. Riding boots generally come in two different heights, ankle, and knee-high. The best clothing to wear with a pair of boots in this style is skinny jeans or leggings, tucked into the boots. If you are searching for a pair of boots that you can wear to a party, then this is the ideal style, but make sure that you purchase a pair with plenty of sparkly embellishments, such as buckles or studs. These boots also come in a wide selection of colours, so that you can opt to go a little brighter than you normally would. They are usually made from leather or suede, and because they do not often sport a heel, they are the epitome of comfort perfect for boogying the night away in style and comfort.
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The Latest Fashions In Women's Boots

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This article was published on 2011/01/19