Ugg Short Boots Review

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This is the high quality boot from Australia that has started the boot craze in the States. This boots popularity began with the surf and ski crowds, as it give you the ultimate in comfort in warm and cold temperatures. The inside of the boot is lined with soft genuine 100% sheepskin fleece. The sheepskin keeps the feet warm while also repelling moisture to keep your feet dry. The fleece will actually maintain your body temperature no matter what the outside temperature is. The stitch on the outside construction also makes these very durable and rugged boots. The tops often roll down (more so in the taller models), to expose the inside lining as kind of a fashion statement. These boots are designed to be worn without socks and should fit snug to your foot. The outside rubber tread is light weight, but provides great cushion and also very good traction when walking on icy sidewalks. The Ugg brand of boots coming many different colors.

Ugg Boot Review

I purchased a pink pair of Ugg Short boots in the summer and I cant remember the last time I took them off. They are versatile to the point that I can wear them with almost anything. After wearing heels and sandals for so long, these shoes are such a relief to my feet, as I have been able to let my aching feet heal while wearing my ugg boots. I've even taken to walking to work in these things (it's only a mile walk) - even in the winter, I don't mind walking on the snow and ice because the traction is so good that I don't worry about twisting an ankle. In that regard I like them better than my Doc Martins. The only drawback of these boots is the suede on the outside. Make sure to treat it for waterproofing or else you will get water marks when walking in snow or rain. I also wish they made a more professional pair that I can wear with a suit. Then my wardrobe would be complete!

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Ugg Short Boots Review

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This article was published on 2010/10/26